Personal Care

Whether you are formulating an ingredient-based mask, functional hand sanitizer, or luxurious body wash, self-care and mental well-being are driving personal care consumer products. From head to toe, Medallion Fragrances creates sensorial and cleansing fragrances for the personal care market.

Markets We Serve

Facial Wipes + Masks

Bath + Body Care

Sun Care

Hand Soap + Hand Sanitizer

Hair Care

Personal Care Wipes

The pandemic caused an uptick in consumer cleansing with hand soap, hand sanitizer, and personal care wipes. Consumers continue to use these products in their daily routines and scent adds an experiential element.

Consumers are engaging in self-care rituals and using scented bath & body care products such as shower gel, body wash, and body lotion to relax and de-stress. Hair care products like shampoo and conditioner are mainstays and their diffusive properties make bathing enjoyable. Skin-friendly, ingredient-based face masks and facial wipes support the holistic approach to skin care. Sun care products keep skin protected and help reduce the signs of aging. Self-care is here to stay. Give consumers creative fragrances to enjoy!

Medalion Fragrances offers unique formulations, custom applications, and the ability to create and blend fragrances, essential oils, and extracts to solve your most complex care formulation needs.

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