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Now more than ever, cleaning solutions are a priority with disinfectants and sanitizers at the forefront of the industrial cleaning market. Consumers expect industrial, commercial, and public institutions as well as hotels, restaurants, and airlines to be as clean as their homes. 

Medallion Fragrances develops effective Industrial and Institutional fragrances and industrial fragrance oils for your commercial needs. From all purpose cleaners and floor cleaners to air fresheners and toilet bowl fresheners and everything in between – Medallion Fragrances has you covered. For customers who create EPA cleaning products, Medallion Fragrances is proud to offer several EPA-approved fragrances such as lemon scents and pine scents.

Medallion Fragrances offers unique formulations, custom applications, and the ability to create and blend fragrances, essential oils, and extracts to solve your most complex industrial and institutional formulation challenges. 

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