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Whether you are formulating an ambient candle, home fragrance oil, multipurpose household cleaner, or car wipe, consumers seek effective consumer products that deliver results. Medallion Fragrances creates both experiential and performance-driven fragrances for Home Care products.

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Consumers are spending more time at home. Home has become a sanctuary and there is a blurring of lines between home and work. From Surface Care to Dish Care to Fabric Care, consumers are cleaning more, and fragrance plays a significant part in the cleaning process.

Consumers are commuting to work, carpooling kids, or road-tripping. Auto Care, like interior and exterior car cleaners, wipes, and air fresheners usage is increasing, and fragrance is an integral element.

With hybrid work schedules, consumers are fragrance zoning also known as scent-scaping, to maintain a balance and separate work from play. Consumers use different scents and applications in separate rooms during various activities and times of the day. Home Fragrance such as Candles and Air Care play an important role. Home fragrance oils and fragrance oils for candles are popular and help consumers create ambient, spa-like environments and experiences. Air fresheners, room sprays, plug-ins, potpourri, and reed diffusers are good for freshening up spaces where you cannot burn candles. Indulge consumers’ senses with creative fragrances!

Medallion Fragrances offers unique formulations, custom applications, and the ability to create and blend fragrances, essential oils, and extracts to solve your most complex home care formulation requirements. 

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